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We created Wine Rack to revolutionize the way people like you discover, buy and enjoy wine. Being wine lovers ourselves, we’re incredibly proud to bring you the world’s largest selection, paired with expert guidance and unmatched convenience.We offer over 600 different Exclusive Wines, over 200 craft-brewed IPA, Draft & High Gravity beers. Mixology items and hard-to-find Wine paraphernalia.

A Wine Store that transcends boundaries.

You will not find a more extensive or broader selection of wine anywhere. We’ve built winery relationships for decades to give you access to everything from big-name, critically-acclaimed wines to small production, unique bottles from all over the globe — every region, varietal, and price.

Expert Guidance.

With easy filter and sort, professional ratings, a robust recommendation engine, the most profound wine, winery content, live chat wine experts, and tasting events, we help you find old favorites or discover new ones among thousands of choices.

Passion & Convenience

We handle your wine with great care before you even place your order by doing our own warehousing and fulfillment. You just have to pick your delivery date, and we will be at your service!

We hope you enjoy our service.

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