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Quest Proprietary Red (Cab/Merl/Pv/Ps) Paso 21

Quest Proprietary Red (Cab/Merl/Pv/Ps) Paso 21

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Quest is a new wine that aims to express the increasingly recognized potential and excitement of Paso Robles. It is a Cabernet-based blend that showcases the luscious softness and depth produced in our mountainous, oak-studded, maritime-influenced home. Cabernet thrives in Pasos semi-arid, rocky soils, and this wine is fruit-forward, with a toasty vanilla finish and grippy tannins. Quest has been aged in American oak barrels, yet displays an inherent softness. It reflects the regions richly diverse terrain, where hidden pockets of exceptional vineyards account for its unique character. Quest Cabernet-based blend displays a beautiful creamy menthol nose with hints of sweet coco. These aromas continue through the palette and evolve into rich flavors of dark chocolate and crisp mint; the result of being aged in American Oak barrels. As the flavor evolves on the palette, the soft supple tannins melt away leaving evergreen notes that linger long past the initial sip. 53% CABERNET SAUVIGNON, 21% PETIT VERDOT, 13% MERLOT, 9% PETITE SIRAH, 4% CABERNET FRANC.

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